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The Seventh International Conference on Security Technologies and Solutions Watermark Conference-2017: 4-6 July 2017, Ekaterinburg, Russia

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 â„– 19 / May 2016 


Banknotes: who knows what tomorrow holds?

At the Sixth Scientific and Practical Conference of the Research Institute of Goznak, among other topics it was discussed how the security printing industry can meet new challenges

The Sixth Scientific and Practical Conference of the Research Institute of Goznak that took place in February 2016, was granted the international status for the first time - not only due to the extent of the discussed problems, but also because of the list of participants. Georgy Kornilov, Director of the Research Institute of Goznak, presented his vision of the current situation in the world security printing market, the existing threats and opportunities for their overcoming at the conference. The Watermark is publishing the major abstracts of his presentation today.

Biometric passports for Laos

are from Russia - the innovative program of issuing passports of Lao People's Democratic Republic has been created by the specialists of Goznak

At the beginning of April, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Goznak" in partnership with "Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga - Security Papers" Russian foreign trade organization presented a unique innovative program of issuing and circulation of the biometric travel passports of the citizens of Lao People's Democratic Republic fully developed in Russia in Vientiane, the capital of Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Cash has perspectives

Mr. Yoshiharu Komori, President of Komori Corporation, believes that further improvement of the banknote quality is a difficult but solvable task

In February 2016, a delegation of Komori Corporation headed by President Yoshiharu Komori and representatives of YAM International (CIS) visited Goznak. During the negotiations with the top management of Goznak the companies reached an agreement about further co-operation. Within the framework of the business program the guests visited the production workshops of the Moscow Printing Factory - Branch of Goznak where they watched the operation of printing machines and viewed the products with professional interest. The guests also visited the Special Fund of Goznak. At the end of the visit to Goznak, Mr. Komori kindly agreed to answer the questions of The Watermark Magazine.

Issuing New Series of Banknotes

Mordechai Fein joined the Bank of Israel in 1969, after studying for a B.A. degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Business Administration. Apart from three years stint with the board of the World Bank and later on the IMF in Washington D.C., in the nineties has been at the Bank of Israel ever since, moving to the Head of currency department position in 2004. Served the Bank, at this position up to retirement on April 30th 2014. Before was at Banking Supervision 35 years, in three positions - Director of "Bank-Customer Relations" Division, Head of Banking Institions Evaluation Team, and Economist at the Research Unit. Mordechai Fein presents on the pages of WaterMark a new course of articles dedicated "Producing New Series of Banknotes". He reviews all the steps that have to be taken in a project of producing a new series, included the security inks, the security features and substrates, the balance between them in a single note and other related topics.

Lari That Won

The first three new lari banknotes started to be issued in circulation this year

Georgia's new lari banknote series was awarded as Regional Banknote of the Year 2016. In old Georgian, "lari" means "treasure". The awarding ceremony took place at the High Security Printing Europe Conference in Bucharest. Mariam Zavradashvili from the National Bank of Georgia told Watermark magazine about the new series.

Testing paper with the North

Goznak's enamel paper has a wonderful property - the ink on it doesn't wither or fade.

Alexander Saikov, a graduate of the Academy of Arts, an architect, a watercolourist and for over two decades an irreplaceable director of the Exhibition Center of the Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Union of Atrists, has tested the enamel paper of the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill of Goznak in the severe conditions of the Polar Region. Alexander Vasilievich described its advantages and disadvantages in his interview to The Watermark.

There was enough money for two museums

In Rome, there are two places a numismatist should visit - Capitol Coin Museum and the Museum of the National Bank of Italy

There are so many different attractions in Rome that the tourists simply don't have enough time to visit all historical sights, ruins, museums and churches they would like to see. Those visitors of the Italian capital who are interested in the coin history of Rome can have a tight schedule too. Various peoples who inhibited the territory of the Roman Empire have left a huge historical heritage inextricably intertwined with money. In Rome, there are two places a numismatist should visit - Capitol Coin Museum and the Museum of the National Bank of Italy.




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